Thursday, April 8, 2010


I love to write. At first, I would have rather kept a notebook than a blog. Mostly, this is because blogs are so public, and I knew not everyone would agree on my viewpoint. However, now I am glad we were able to keep blogs for this semester. It was fun to look at other people's ideas, and to see what they had to say outside of class. I also have become more comfortable in sharing my opinions.
I also enjoyed how much freedom we had with our blogs-- that we just need to make entries, but they can be about ANYTHING we want. At first, it was harder to come up with ideas to blog about, and I focused strictly on what we read for class. But by the end, I was able to branch out a little, and be more creative while still tying my comments back to what we have learned in class. Overall, I have enjoyed my blogging experience! =)

New Historicism

This critical approach is the one I have seem to have been focused on this semester. From what we learned in class, new historicism has these categories:
-Exploration. Look for related ballads, labels, plays, comics, etc.
-Reading critical analysis' of the time period.
-Thinking of the text in a modern time period.
I found the quote by Bloom in our "Falling Into Theory Book" rather funny.
"Students have become amateur political scientists, uninformed sociologists..." etc.
To some extent, I agree with Bloom on this statement. For example, when I went to check out Othello from the library, there were 20x the amount of critical analysis' on Othello, and it was hard to find the original play! It is good to use new historicism, and beneficial in fact. However, I think some people spend too much effort trying to read the minds of the authors, or to apply it in every context. Some people don't seem to realize how much of their own personal opinion is embedded in their work, and that is when it is taken too far.
At the same time, however, I agree that the text is more personally meaningful when we can apply it to our own lives and dissect the text in new and exciting ways.

villanelle- French poem from the middle ages, consisting of 19 lines
interlard- to insert between; mix
magniloquent-lofty or boastful. Proud

Book List

One of my best friends has a list of 32 books that she wants to read this summer. 32! This motivated me to make a list, because I will have spare time during the summer while not at work. Books are amazing for educating, AND entertaining. Ahem:
1- The Count of Monte Cristo
This is my mom's favorite book, and I have always had the desire to read it, I just not the time.
2- Moby Dick
It was dedicated to Nathaniel Hawthorne, which I learned during my author spotlight study, and I also remember that it is Matilda's favorite book on the movie with the trunchabul =)
3- The Kite Runner
I started this book over winter break, but have not had time to finish it yet.
4- As You Like It
I realized, while studying Othello, how much I enjoy Shakespeare. This is one of his happiest plays, or so I've heard, and I want to see how it goes.
5- The Catcher and the Rye
My brother is reading this right now, plus the huge discussion in class has made me intrigued.
6- Running With Angels
My mom likes this book, as a runner, and says it has good insight.
7- The Uglies series
My cousin Natalie just bought these at the bookstore, my friend Dallin has been reading them, and they just seem to be everywhere!

My list isn't long-- yet! But I will add to this list, and pick up random books that I see while wandering around the library as well. Summer is so close!

General Conference

I was able to go to the Sunday afternoon session of general conference at the conference center. It was amazing! I always love when the prophet walks in and everyone stands up and goes silent. Not to mention, the counsel was very uplifting, as usual.
I wonder how long it takes to write a talk for conference. I was surprised to hear that those who speak in conference come up with their own topics and don't discuss it with any other apostles or speakers. It may be possible that there are two people speaking on the same subject, but that just means it is all the more important for us to hear at the time. Also, everyone has a different take on different subjects.
It is great that conference can be watched online at any time, as well. My freshman year in seminary, my teacher had an eye-opening activity. He played a list of 10 songs (just parts of the song) and had us write the title and the singer/band. Then he played little clips of apostles speaking and had us identify them. It made me realize that I should listen to the words of the Lord's apostles more, so I can quickly identify who is speaking.
For me, there is always a spiritual high that comes from the general conference time of year =)


I have been contemplating coming to BYU for the summer semester, and have swayed back and forth from that decision many times. What do you do when your choices seem to balance the differences perfectly? My sister and I used to tease my mom when we would ask her, "Mom what's your favorite movie?" And her answer would go something along the lines of, "Well, it depends on what mood I'm in." Or, "Hey Mom, which one was your favorite type of pasta?" "Oh I can't pick a favorite, I just love ALL the flavors!"
More and more, I'm realizing we are all a little indecisive at times. Some things, like what color of a cup to drink from, are not significant.
I also LOVE the quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson (which Johanna shared in her author spotlight)
"A foolish consistency is the hobgolin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines. With consistency a great soul has simply nothing to do. He may as well concern himself with his shadow on the wall. Speak what you think now... and tomorrow speak what tomorrow thinks.... though it contradict everything you said today....."
It is a great quote that makes me feel free to tell other people my plans, then I don't need to worry to upset them if I change my mind. Ultimately it's up to me, and it's ok to jump from one side of the ship to the other every now and then.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Quadratus Lumborum

It seems as though the only words I have been reading lately are:
intercondylar eminence
perpendicular plate
and many many MANY other anatomy terms. The huge anatomy lab final is tomorrow-- so I have been busy immersing myself in names for body parts, muscles, and bones.
No matter what class I am in, reading and writing are crucial. Languages are so important! Think of how much language-- English specifically-- helps! I am majoring in communication disorders, because I am fascinated with communication and expressing yourself to others, and there are so many ways to do this. But no matter what you get a degree in, reading and writing are essential skills and blessings that we need to work with. English is important and plays a major role in our every day lives here in the United States, so we need to get the most out of our English classes. It will be beneficial to us no matter where we end up, whether sailing across a sea, or performing a complicated operation.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm Engaged and I Broke my Leg

I love holidays. April fools is a paticularly funny holiday if you think about it-- what other day of the year allows you to make up stories and tricks, and then get away with it with a simple shouting of, "April Fools!" So, as a little memoir of all the past April 1sts that I have survived, =) and to hopefully spark some ideas of how I can trick people today, here is a list of thoughts:
1-My uncle told me that my gma and gpa's cow had a baby, and they named the calf Rylee after me.
2- I was one of those kids who brought lunch from home most of the time. On April fools day, I would find my twinkie filled with ketchup, or something creative like that.
3- FOOD COLORING!!!! The possibilities are endless....
4- "I'm moving to Japan..." this actually worked on me! My friend Jenna told me that in the morning, and I totally fell for it. I'll blame it on the fact that seminary is very early.
5- The rubber band attached to the kitchen sink idea is a classic. Someone in my house back in Ohio gets sprayed every year... sometimes it's even the person who was pulling the prank!
6- Changing the clocks, preferably ahead so you don't ruin a person's schedule.
7- Dry erase markers are good for drawing mustaches on the picture frames we have hanging along the wall by the stairs-- it comes right off too.
8- BEST FOR LAST, I love this-- you get plain vanilla yogurt and put it in a circular shape on a plate. Then get a canned peach or apricot half and lay it smack dab in the middle. Wah-la.... sunny side up eggs!
It is great to see reactions after awesome little pranks, and it is awesome that we don't have to go to any classes for the holiday! ;) Happy April fools!